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Nanoengineering of Materials Applied to Energy (NEMEN)

Research Lines

The NEMEN group has been awarded by AGAUR (2017SGR128).


Research Team




  • MACROSENSE. Methane spectroscopic gas sensor based on macroporous silicon for the monitoring of natural gas pipelines. 2020-2021. IP: J. Llorca
  • MECATEN. Mechanochemical preparation of catalysts for energy applications: Methane activation and hydrogen generation. 2019-2021. IP: J. Llorca
  • PHOXSOL. Solar Hydrogen generation using photocatalytic doped titania inverse opals. 2019-2021. IP: Ll. Soler
  • BASE3D-INK-3D. Tecnologies per a la deposició de tintes continues. 2019-2021. IP: Fundació Privada Centre (CIM)
  • Fusion CAT. Fusió a Catalunya. 2019-2021. IP: Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  • H2020-813748-BIKE. Bimetallic catalyst knowledge-based development for energy Applications. IP: Vladimiro Dal Santo (CNR, Itàlia)
  • MINECO ref. ENE2015-63969-C3-1-R. Microreactors fabricated with 3D printing technologies for the catalytic and photocatalytic production of hydrogen (2016-2018).
  • MINECO ref. ENE2012-61715EXP. Simultaneous modulation of optical and electronic properties to generate hydrogen with photocatalysts and sunlight (2015-2016).
  • MINECO ref. ENE2012-36368. Hydrogen generation and conditioning for portable fuel cells with microreactors and photocatalysts (2013-2015).
  • COMRDI15-1-0036-11 (Generalitat de Catalunya). Energy saving and flexibility in buildings (REFER).
  • COMRDI15-1-0037-06 (Generalitat de Catalunya). Synthetic fuels (COSIN).
  • COOPERA-Explo’RA Pro CMIRA (French government). Catalysts based on ultradispersed metals for the photogeneration of hydrogen.
  • Molybdenum diffusivity in cement matrices (AMPHOS XXI CONSULTING, S.L.).
  • WO2018235032: Trovarelli, A., Colussi, S., Danielis, M., Toso, A., Llorca, J. (2017). Catalysts based on Pd/CeO2 and preparation method thereof. 21/06/2018.
  • WO2017109244: Armelin, E., Fabregat, G., Llorca, J. Alemán, C. (2017). Electro-chemical sensor and coating method, production method and corresponding uses. 29/06/2017.


PhD Thesis

  • A. Soto: Carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS): Development and commercialization of carbon-based products in the construction industry in the US and European markets.
  • I. Lucentini: Catalytic decomposition of ammonia for hydrogen production.
  • X. García: Estudis in situ de processos catalítics amb fotoemissió electrònica.
  • C. Xing: Metal titanates for the hydrogen evolution reaction.
  • Y. Chen: Mechanochemical preparation of TiO2-based photocatalysts for hydrogen production.
  • S. Fazli: Preparation of metal-based catalysts by ball milling method for partial oxidation of methane.
  • S. García: Study of the behaviour of gadolinium doped uranium oxide under hyperalkaline conditions.
  • J. Serafin: Nanoshaped ceria for catalytic applications: molecular dynamics simulations and experiments.
  • A. Cifuentes: Simulació i desenvolupament de reactors catalítics per a la tecnologia de l'hidrogen.
  • A. Braga: Preparation and XPS characterization of bimetallic catalysts for methane activation.
  • O. Nomen: Beam transport and beam dump sections of facilities for qualification of fusion reactors materials.
  • M. Armengol: Reformació de metà amb diòxid de carboni amb catalitzadors bimetàl·lics.
  • J. Coello: Local Optics Corrections in the HL-LHC(2021).
  • K.B. Rodríguez: Formation and Evolution of Carbonate Phases upon Accelerated Carbonation of Mg-Oxides and Silicates (2020).
  • Z. Hazami: Development of a Solid State Amplifier for the 3rd Harmonic Cavity for ALBA Synchrotron Light Source (2020).
  • G. Gómez: Valorization of low concentration sugar side-stream from dissolving pulp production (2019).
  • A. Farooqui: Solar-fuels via two-step thermochemical redox cycles for power and fuel production (2019).
  • A. Cwik: : Advanced carbon capture and storage technologies (2019).
  • L. Rodríguez-Chiang: Enhancement of methane production from the anaerobic digestion of chemical pulp and paper mill effluents (2019).
  • L. Martínez: Nanoestructuras de TiO2 de baja dimensionalidad para la obtención fotocatalítica de hidrógeno (2019).
  • A. Elkoro: Optimización de la reología de componentes fotocatalíticos para aplicaciones avanzadas en elementos de fachada (2018).
  • A. Castedo: Producción fotocatalítica de H2 con microrreactores y cristales fotónicos (2018).
  • E. Aguiló: Estructuras supramoleculares de oro(I) con propiedades luminiscentes. Estudios de agregación y aplicaciones (2017).
  • A. Hedayati: On-site pure hydrogen production in a catalytic membrane reactor by ethanol steam reforming (2016).
  • A. Schiffer: Thermal analysis and modelization of Li-ion batteries used in electric and hybrid vehicles. (2016).
  • M. Domínguez: Aerogels catalítics de Co-Si sobre monòlits ceramics per a produir hidrogen mitjançant la reformació d’etanol (2016).
  • N.J. Divins: Catalytic hydrogen production over RhPd/CeO2 catalysts and CO purification over Au/TiO2 catalysts (2015).
  • H. García: Comparative study of Final Focus Systems for CLIC and other luminosity enhancement schemes for future linear colliders (2015).

Scientific Production

The scientific production of the NEMEN group can be found here.