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Photocatalytic generation of hydrogen

The photoproduction of hydrogen takes place under mild conditions and represents one of the most desired routes to obtain renewable hydrogen towards a more sustainable world. However, the hydrogen photoproduction rates reported so far are too low for practical application and a strong effort is being pursued actively to develop more efficient photocatalysts and photocatalytic structures. Obviously, no matter how good a photocatalyst is, if a proper mass and photon transfer to the photocatalyst is not attained, the overall hydrogen yield will be strongly limited. Therefore, both the photocatalyst and the photoreactor are equally important to guarantee a suitable operation. We prepare TiO2-based materials doped with metal nanoparticles/complexes/inorganic oxides and TiO2 photonic crystals and test them in novel photoreactor designs, including optical fibers, microreactors and solar concentrators.


Some relevant publications:

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