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Advanced Nuclear Technologies (ANT)

Research Lines

Experimental Nuclear Physics, Applications and Instrumentation (ENPAI): This line is focused in nuclear experimental studies with reactions where neutrons have an important role. We provide new relevant nuclear data for new designs of nuclear technologies, nuclear waste and spent fuel treatment, and astrophysics (nucleosynthesis and nuclei abundances). Our objectives are:

  • Measurement of beta delayed neutron emission properties: BELEN detector, BRIKEN project
  • Measurement of neutron-induced reactions: n_ToF collaboration
  • Development of advanced neutron detectors
  • Development of nuclear instrumentation

Research Team

Guillem Cortès Rossell Associate Professor (Coordinator)
Alfredo de Blas del Hoyo, Associate Professor
Ariel Tarifeño Saldivia, Senior Researcher
Nil Mont Geli
Max Pallàs Solís


  • GEANT4: ParticleCounter


  • BELEN Detector and BRIKEN experiment. Beta Delayed Neutron emission measurements. The aim is to determine nuclei properties experimentally, focusing on beta delayed neutron emission probabilities of exotic nuclei in the neutron rich region.

  • MANY project. Measurements of Alpha Neutron Yields. The objective of this project is the study of alpha-neutron reaction properties. In this sense, we are developing a neutron detector (miniBELEN) to assess the neutron background for (α,n) reaction measurements at the CMAM accelerator facility. For this purpose, reaction yields from the 27Al(α,n)30P reaction on thick-targets at different energies will be measured by direct neutron counting and the Time-Of-Flight technique using the miniBELEN and MONSTER detectors, respectively. The results of this study will relay on the development of a scientific programma fucsed on measurements of (α,n) production yields in Spain.
  • HENSA project. High Efficiency Neutron Spectrometry Array. The aim is to measure the neutron flux from cosmic rays in different areas of Spain. This flow of particles is associated with failures in microcomputer systems that can affect telecommunications of navigation. The first measuremet campaing was carried out from june-2020 to october-2020 in many spanish locations as, Astun sky resort (2100 m high), Canfranc Underground Laboratory (LSC) headquartersand, Cantabria Physics Institute (Santander) , Sierra nevada Observatory (Granada - 2896 m high), Astronomical Observatory of Javalambre (Teruel -1957 m high), Complutense University of Madrid (Madrid), and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona)

  • n_TOF project. The main goal of this project is the study of neutron-induced reactions related with many research areas as basic nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, and nuclear technology. The n_ToF (neutron Time-of-Flight) facility is located at CERN and consist on a pulsed neutron source that generates a wide energy range of neutrons (up to 20 GeV) at high intensities.

  • SANDA project. Supplying Accurate Nuclear data for energy and non-energy Applications

  • Neutron dosimetry: Innovative approach to the neutron dosimetry in pulsed and continuos fields

  • Nuclear structure and astrophysics experiments with radioactive beams and neutrons, and its applications

  • Construccion y puesta a punto de prototipos de preamplificadores sensibles a la carga para la detección. 2018-2019. Centro de Estudios Nucleares La Reina (Chile). IP: A. de Blas

PhD Thesis

  • Nil Mont Geli: Neutron detection for underground facilities, secondary neutrons by cosmic rays and (alpha,n) reactions
  • Max Pallàs Solís: Measurement of beta-delayed neutron relevant for understanding the formation of the r-process rare earth peak around mass A~160
  • Adrià Casanovas Hoste: Measurement of neutron capture cross section of Tl-204 and Tl-203 isotopes and implications for the stellar nucleosynthesis process (2020)
  • Albert Riego Pérez: Design of the BELEN detector for wide energy range with flat and high detection efficiency (2016)
  • Roger Caballero Folch: First measurement of beta-decay half-lives and neutron emission probabilities in several isotopes (2015)

Master & Bachelor Thesis

  • Marc Suris Carcasona: Mechanical design of neutron dosimeters LINrem
  • Miguel Granados Donlo: Preamplifier simulation response for a neutron dosimeter
  • Student


ANT's publications can be found here