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Radiological Protection Service


  •  The mission of the UPC Radiological Protection Service is to provide advice on subjects related to the radioactive facilities at the UPC.
  •  Following current legislation, the Service has edited a Radiological Protection Manual of basic radiological protection procedures.
  •  The procedures in the Radiological Protection Manual are available for consultation at the Radiological Protection Service, at the Prevention Service and at various departments at the UPC.


  •  To provide advice on radiological protection subjects for the radioactive facilities at the UPC
  •  To be involved in the design, construction, modification, and decommissioning where radioactive sources, radiation generators, or radioactive materials are stored at UPC facilities.
  •  To set up and classify work areas where staff are professionally exposed to ionising radiation. To establish access, length of stay, and working standards in areas with a radiological risk.
  •  To check that medical and and dosimetric controls are done on workers who are exposed to ionising radiation and that staff have sufficient training and licensing for their workplace.
  •  To carry out surveillance of radiation levels and contamination at radioactive facilities.
  •  To centrally manage radioactive waste generated by UPC radioactive facilities. The Service has a record of all radioactive material that enters or leaves the University and keeps a record of all processes that generate radioactive waste.
  •  To check that compulsory controls for the testing of equipment and radioactive sources are performed at the radioactive facilities of the UPC.

Recognised Competences

 The Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Laboratory (TDL) has been authorised by the National Accreditation Agency (ENAC) since 21/06/02 under the ISO 17025 Standard for testing ionising radiation, Report n 326/LE666.

 Furthermore, since 1989 the Laboratory has been authorised by the Nuclear Safety Council as an External Personal Dosimetry Service and provides advice to UPC staff who are exposed to ionising radiation as part of their job.

 In collaboration with the Radioactivity Analysis Laboratory, the Laboratory also takes part in radiological determination testing related to the “Environmental Radiological Surveillance Plan” for the Ascó and Vandellós nuclear power stations.

Measurement Capabilities

 The Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Laboratory has been approved to do the following tests:

  • Equivalent Personal Dose.
  • Environmental Equivalent Dose.