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Technologies to produce hydrogen and syngas

There are several reforming processes for producing hydrogen and syngas, all of them catalytic, which differ by the co-reactant used and in the process chemistry: steam reforming, partial oxidation, autothermal reforming and dry reforming. We develop catalysts and catalytic fuel reformers (including microreactor technologies) for the steam reforming, partial oxidation and dry reforming of methane, the steam reforming, partial oxidation and autothermal reforming of ethanol, the steam reforming of methanol and dimethyl ether, etc. In addition, we study the valorization of industrial and agricultural waste (like olive mill residues) as well as the steam reforming of heavy fuels like diesel to obtain hydrogen. We also work on the decomposition of ammonia to obtain CO-free hydrogen and on the CO preferential oxidation reaction to purify H2-rich streams to feed PEM fuel cells.


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