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Dosimetry, medical Radiophysics and environment Metrology (DRM)

Research Lines

  • Dosimetry and Radiation Protection: Measurement and modeling of ionizing radiations exposure for patients and workers (Duch et al., 2017; Carinou et al., 2019);
  • Medical Radiophysics: Theoretical description of the ionizing radiation transport process by Monte Carlo simulation. Applications in medical physics, both in radiotherapy and medical imaging (Sempau et al., 2011).
  • Metrology for Environmental Radioactivity: Measurements and modeling of radioisotopes activity concentration in different environmental matrixes for radiation protection aims (Mulas et al., 2019). Application of airborne radiation detectors carried by unmanned aerial systems (commonly named drones) for mapping radioactivity and source localization (Royo et al., 2018; watch the video). Tracers applications for climate and atmospheric processes (Grossi et al., 2018, Grossi et al., 2020).
  • Computational Modeling of Materials: This research area involves computational multiscale modeling of elastic, inelastic and fracturing behavior of engineering materials including ceramics, metals, cementitious materials, fiber reinforced polymer composites, particulate composites and both biological soft and hard tissue (Caner, et al. 2019; Caner et al., 2017).


Note: Several members of the DRM are also part of the 2017SGR1764 group of Dosimetry and Medical Radiation expert in the fields of ionizing radiations selected by the AGAUR.

Research Team


DRM_Calibration and Dosimetry laboratory01.png


PhD Thesis

  • M. Luchkov: Airborne gamma spectrometry using unmanned aerial vehicles
  • D. Fernandez: Real Time Dose Monitoring in Interventional Radiology Procedures using the MC-GPU Program
  • V. de Carlos : Computational Modelling of the Mechanical Behavior of Concretes for Nuclear Infrastructure Under Different Strain Rates
  • S. Sabounchi : Cylidrical Microplane Model for Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
  • V. Garcia: Personal dosimetry during interventional radiology using computational methods
  • R. Curcoll: 
  • M. Rodríguez: Development of an imaging Compton Camera for mapping environmental radioativity using unmanned aerial systems (2020)
  • D. Mulas: Levels and behavior of radionuclides in water treatment plants: The case of the Barcelona metropolitan area urban water cycle (2020)
  • N. Lopéz: Development and Assessment of Estimate Methods for Internal Dosimetry using PET/CT (2019)
  • S. Principi: Development of methodologies for estimating the dose to the eye lens in interventional radiology : operational implications of the eye lens new dose limit (2017)
  • A. Camp: Improvement of Early Warning Monitoring using Gamma Spectrometry (2017)
  • ML. Rodríguez: Automation of the Monte Carlo simulation of medical linear accelerators (2016)
  • C. Gomà: Radiation dosimetry of clinical proton beams (2015)
  • J. Puxeu: Contributions to new challenges in radiotherapy. From small field dosimetry to stereotactic body radiation therapy (2015)

Scientific Production

The scientific production of the DRM group can be found here