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Radon Studies Laboratory




Address: ETSEIB, Avda. Diagonal, 647. 08028 Barcelona
Phone number: +34 934016740 / +34 934016049








Head of the Laboratory: Arturo Vargas Drechsler

Technical Director: Claudia Grossi

Eng. Technician: Roger Curcoll

Technician: Vicente Blasco Argente



F_lab_8  F_lab_9 Arturo Vargas






  • To offer a calibration service to private and public companies measuring radon activity concentrations.
  • To organize and to carry on inter-comparison campaigns of continuous radon monitors and integrated radon detectors.
  • To offer support to research activities of the INTE research groups, particularly related with radon and radon flux measurements (currently: TraceRadon)








  • Organization and realization of inter-comparison campaigns and calibrations of radon monitors.
  • Studies of indoor radon concentrations under different environmental conditions.








The radon chamber is made by a 20 m3  room where sensors and instruments are located to automatically set and measure the environmental parameters and the radon concentration wihtin the room. 

Main characteristic of the INTE radon chamber:

  • Size: 2.91 x 2.91 x 2.30 m3
  • Builiding material: 2 mm thick welded steel sheets
  • Radon exhalation rate: 0 - 256 Bq mín-1 (source made by 226Ra with 2101 kBq nominal activity)
  • Radon concentration range: 0 - 80 kBq m3± 10% (k=2) 
  • Dilution rate: 0 - 3 h-1
  • Temperature: 5 - 50 ºC ± 1 ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 5 - 95 % ± 2 %