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Atmospheric Radiological Control Station Network



Address: Avda. Diagonal, 647. 08028 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 934016740 / +34 934016049


Arturo Vargas






Technical Director: Arturo Vargas Drechsler
Technician: Vicente Blasco Argente, Claudia Grossi, Daniel Costa Vargas








  • The aim of the network is to provide automatic, continuous measurement of radiological and meteorological variables at two stations ofthe UPC campus so that environmental studies of atmospheric radionuclides can be carried out.







  • At present the network consists of two stations, one located on the Campus Nord in Barcelona and the other on Campus Besos.
  • The stations are equipped with an array of instruments and devices to continuously measure dose rate, gamma rate, radon concentratio in air and radio nuclide identification in a radioactive cloud or deposited on the surface.


Estación Campus Nord






The stations are located at two UPC University Campus in Barcelona. Towards the north-northeast of the station there is Collserola a mountainous area with an average altitude of 400 metres, the highest peak is Tibidabo which is 512 metres high. In the south-southeast sector there is the Mediterranean sea.


The station is located on the roof of a building on the Campus Nord of the UPC called the B4. The nearest buildings to the station are not higher that 14 metres high and in no case are they higher than the station.The radiological variables currently measured are:


  • Integrated gamma dose measured with thermoluminescent dosemeters (TLD).
  • Concentration of alpha, beta and gamma radioactive aerosols and radon daughters, measured using commercial equipment LB BAI 9850 monitor from the Berthold Company used by national surveillance networks.

The other Radiological station is located at Campus Sud, on the roof of principal instalation of the Institute of Energy Technologies (INTE) of the Technical University of Catalonia (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC). The station are equipped with an array of radiological instruments and devices to monitor following variables:


  • Enviromental dose rate (H*(10)), using a proportional counter of Bitt Technology, model RS04L/WEB_R and property of the French Radiological Monitoring Network(IRSN)
  • Enviromental gamma spectrometry using LaBr3(1”x1”) detectors.
  • Radon concentration monitor of own development, called ARMON.
  • Radon daugther concentration monitor of own development.