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Radiochemical and Radioactive Analysis Laboratory



Address: Avda. Diagonal, 647. 08028 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 934011993 / +34 934016072


Antonia Camacho






Head of Laboratory: Mª Amor Duch
Technical Director : Antonia Camacho García
Acting Technical Director :
Technicians: Sonia Blázquez Pérez, David Mani







  • To develop evaluation and surveillance methods of radiological impact of radioactive material in the environment.


  • Development and optimisation of methods for the determination low-level radio isotope activity.
  • R+D work related to radiological protection of the general public and the environment.
  • Determination of radioactive level in all types of environmental samples; water, air, food soil etc.
  • Implementation of studies to evaluate the radiologica limpact in industries with naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM).
  • Environmental radioactivity control service.



The laboratory has 4 germanium detectors for high resolution gamma spectrometry, 1 low-background liquid scintillation, 6 alpha spectrometry detectors, 6 SZn detectors and 20 low-background detectors for measuring alpha and beta emitters.








The laboratory actively collaborates with organisations such as the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), the Coordination of Radioactive Activity Service of the Department of Work, Industry, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Tourism of the Government of Catalonia, the Public Health Department of the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona Water Company,  university centres and other public and private organisations.

Collaboration Agreements:
•National environmental radiological surveillance programme. Surveillance Network Nuclear Safety Council (2000- present).
•Determination and control of radioactive levels in the Barcelona water supply. Barcelona Water Company (1986-present).
•Environmental Radiological Surveillance Plan. Ministry for Business and Labour of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. (1985-present)