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Particle Accelerator Laboratory



Address: Av. Eduard Maristany, 10-14. 08019 BARCELONA
Telephone: +34 934012543


Youri Koubychine






Technical Director : Youri Koubychine
Technicians:Akaki Mosiashvili, Juan Antonio Romero


Activities 1





  • Provide support to research and technology transfer in accelerator related technologies.
  • Strengthen the participation of the INTE and UPC in general in collaborations on accelerator physics and technologies.


  • Assembling and testing of the control system of the 12 MeV race-track microtron (RTM).
  • High power tests and adjustments of the RTM radiofrequency (RF) system.
  • Vacuum system tests of the 12 MeV RTM.
  • Assembling of the RTM test stand.
Activities 2



The laboratory is equipped with instrumentation necessary for the development, assembling and tests of high power radiofrequency (RF) systems, accelerator control systems, controlled power supply units, as well as auxiliary systems and modules. In particular, it has the following instrumentation


- RF power meter Marconi Instrument 6960B

- Spectrum analyzer Advantest TR4133A

- Oscilloscope Agilent Instruments DSO-X 3014A


Large equipment at the disposal of the laboratory group is the following


- Magnetron CPI SFD-313V

- Modulator ScandiNova M1

- Turbomolecular and ion vacuum pumps

- Chiller OptiTemp


A selection of components of RF (waveguides WR 187, circulator, dual loop coupler, etc.) and signal transmission lines (attenuators, RF diodes, etc.), as well as parts of SF6 gas system and cooling system are also available. The laboratory has a small magnetic measurement table with a Hall probe.


equipment 1


equipment 2






The laboratory is involved in collaboration with the following centers and universities:


- Accelerator Department of the CIEMAT

- Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Moscow State University

- Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón


- Synchrotron radiation facility Alba (CELLS)


It also collaborates with researchers of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications (TSC) and Department of Strength of Materials and Structural Engineering (RMEE) of the UPC.

In performing mechanical and electrical works the Laboratory gets a high-quality support from the Mechanical shop of the INTE (Vicente Blasco).