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Site News
New article published in Nature Scientific Reports
A new study, in collaboration with the AGH University of Science and Technology of Polnad, has been published by INTE researchers
David Fernández Bosman, PhD student of the DRM group pubblished a new paper in Physica Medica
New paper of the group DRM related with the validation of the Monte Carlo simulation program MC-GPU for the calculation of the dosis in patients from radiological applications.
M. Amor Duch Guillen, responsable of the DRM group, is the first author of a new EURADOS publication
New EURADOS report: 'Overview of passive area dosimetry systems used in European countries'
'The Moon : the next international space station' received a UPC award
The book 'The Moon : the next international space station' edited by Ignasi Casanova Hormaechea and Miquel Sureda Anfres has been awarded within the edition 2021 of Sant Jordi day celebration organized by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
European Atlas of Natural Radiation
Claudia Grossi, member of the group DRM of our institute, participated in a new pubblication of the Joint Research Centre (European Commission) with title 'European atlas of natural radiation'
Arturo Vargas and Maria Amor Duch will be the speakers of the next EURADOS webinar on Dosimetry for workplace and environmental radiation monitoring
Fast Monte Carlo codes for occupational dosimetry in interventional radiology
Victor Garcia Balcaza, PhD student of the group DRM, has recently published a new paper on the improvement and use of two fast Monte Carlo simulation codes: PENELOPE/penEasyIR and MCGPU-IR, for the calculation of personal equivalent dose in operator for interventional radiology.
PhD Thesis defense
Jaime Maria Coello de Portugal - Martinez Vazquez will defend his PhD thesis: 'Local Optics Corrections in the HL-LHC', Thursday 16th of June at 11.00 at The thesis has been supervised by Rogelio Tomas García (CERN) and Prof. Youri Koubychine Merkulov
New webinar
EURADOS and NERIS platforms present a new webinar
New project: "SImultaneous NEutRon and prompt Gamma-raY imaging system for in-vivo diagnosis in Hadron-Therapy (SINERGY4HT)
The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has made public the results of the call for Projects I + D + i "Proofs of Concept" 2021. In this call, it has been granted the proposal: "SImultaneous NEutRon and prompt Gamma-raY imaging system for in-vivo diagnosis in Hadron-Therapy (SINERGY4HT)"
Prof. Yuri Kubyshin published a new article
Our researcher Prof. Yuri Kubyshin published a new article: 'Racetrack Microtron—Pushing the Limits' in collaboration with other Russian research institutes
UPC statement on the situation in Ukraine
The UPC has published an assessment of the war situation in Ukraine as a result of the Russian government's attack.
Our colleague Francesc Reventós publishes a new book
Iniciativa Digital Politècnica publishing house recently has published the book "Transició energètica. Què és urgent? Què és important?" written by our colleague Francesc Reventós.
Cátedra Argos 2022: New Call
First call for Cátedra Argos funding for 2022. Dead-line for application: 18/03/2022.
New publication by DRM researchers
Researchers of the group DRM have published a new study in the journal of Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
NEMEN group researchers publish a new paper in Nature
Investigation of the evolution of Pd-Pt supported on ceria for dry and wet methane oxidation
2nd call for scholarships of the Càtedra Argos program
New paper on the Influence of magnetic field heat treatment on the microstructures and coercivity in ferromagnetic amorphous alloys
Theses defenses of NEMEN PhD students
Two new doctoral theses have been carried out at the Laboratory of Catalysis and Energy of the INTE.
Seyedeh Leila Panahi defenses her thesis on new Fe base High entropy metallic glass alloys.
Seyedeh Leila Panahi, from the GCM research group, defended her thesis: “Study of relaxation phenomena and local structure evolution in metallic glasses by means of Mossbauer and mechanical spectroscopy” her work deserved the qualification of Excellent Cum Laude.
New lecturers at INTE