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Seminar: Valentín de Carlos

On Friday, June 15, Valentín de Carlos will deliver a seminar titled: "A self-calibrated model for simple concrete based on the M7 microplanes model".

The M7 model for simple concrete is a constitutive model of material based on microplanes that allows to simulate the response of concrete to impacts and explosions by means of finite element calculation. As in other models of crack band models, the fracture energy depends on the width of the crack.

In a finite element model, the width of the crack is associated with the size of the finite element that propagates the crack, so it must be calibrated for the size of the element used. In the proposed model, the model itself internally varies its parameters to be calibrated according to the corresponding element size.

modelaje autocalibrado - valentín

Valentín de Carlos

Valentin completed his degree in architecture by the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra (Pamplona) in 1994; since then, he has been dedicated to the calculation of architectural structures. In 2016 he obtained the title of Master's Degree in Building Engineering from the Escola Politècnica Superior d'Edificació de Barcelona of the UPC.

Since 2014 he has been pursuing a PhD at the INTE within the program of nuclear engineering and ionising radiations.