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Seminar: Dani Mulas

On Friday, June 29, Dani Mulas will deliver a seminar entitled: Validation and study of the distribution of I-131 (precipitable, dissolved inorganic, residual) in liquid samples from a WWTP.

I-131 is object of study in environmental radiological surveillance plans linked to the activity of nuclear power plants. Furthermore, given its habitual use in nuclear medicine in patients who subsequently eliminate it, it can be detected in samples coming from wastewater treatment stations (WWTP) as well as in the environment.

In this seminar, Dani will present the progress made during his doctoral research under the supervision of INTE researchers Antonia Camacho and María Amor Duch. His main objectives are the radiological characterisation of urban waters of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, with special emphasis on radionuclides for medical use. His project also seeks to provide new insights on radionuclide dynamics in the water cycle, and their relationship with physicochemical parameters and heavy metals.

Seminario Dani

Dani Mulas

Dani holds a degree in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), where he also collaborated for one year with the Radiation Physics group as part of a radiological impact project in the NORM industries.

Subsequently, he completed a training complement within the Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering at the UPC, and in March 2015 he joined the Radiochemical and Radioactive Analysis Laboratory (LARA) to complete his doctoral thesis.