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INTErnal Affairs Day

This month, our Institute celebrated its first INTErnal Affairs day. During this strategic event, our colleagues discussed important questions regarding the operation of our centre, such as the synergies between research teams, the communication challenges that have arisen, as well as other factors that may jeopardise our long-term sustainability.

Prior to the day, members of the INTE received an anonymous form so that they could express their honest thoughts and point out challenges they face every day, as well as propose possible changes to improve the Institute.

This productive day was organised with the collaboration of Itínere Consulting, ensuring the anonymity of the comments received and facilitating the discussion groups, as well as contributing to a final in-depth analysis of the conclusions from the day.

INTE Management Board has taken note of the interesting discussions, ideas and solutions that were identified during this event, and is already working on the best strategy to overcome the challenges of the Institute.

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