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Ignasi Casanova, new Director of the INTE

Following the elections celebrated in April, Ignasi Casanova has been chosen as new Director of the INTE.

Ph.D. in Geochemistry from the University of New Mexico (USA) and with a degree in Geology from the University of Barcelona, Ignasi took office on May 8, during the ceremony with Francesc Torres, Rector of the UPC.

Ignasi starts this position after the work of Yuri Koubychine, who has been Director of the Institute for the past four years; his term began in April 2014.

Nuevo Director

In the picture, Yuri and Ignasi during the ceremony.

From the INTE, we want to thank Yuri for all his excellent work while in charge of the Institute, and we wish Ignasi the best of luck in this new challenge.

More information: Ignasi Casanova, director de l’INTE (UPC News, in Catalan).