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Follow-up visit from ACCIÓ

Earlier this week, Marta Peidro and Rita Riba, members of the ACCIÓ team at the Generalitat of Catalonia, visited the facilities of the INTE division at Campus Sud (ETSEIB).


The INTE is progressing towards its objective of obtaining the TECNIO accreditation, which is the seal awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia through ACCIÓ to identify Catalonia’s differential technology, the providers that offer it and the facilitators that participate in the process of transfer of technology and knowledge, as well as to align regional innovation strategies approved by the European Union.

During this visit, our Institute and ACCIÓ jointly assessedhow close we are to comply with the TECNIO accreditation requirements, and agreed on when is the best time to submit the formal application. Likewise, the Growth Plan presented by INTE as aTECNIO candidate was monitored, and ACCIÓ’s staff shared recommendations for the current phase of the plan.

We would like to thank Marta and Rita again for their visit, as well as for the valuable tips and knowledge offered from ACCIÓ.


Fromleft to right: Pablo Romero (CIT), Youri Koubychine (INTE), Rita Riba (ACCIÓ), Marta Peidro (ACCIÓ), Antonia Camacho (INTE).