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1st Technical Conference on Radon

Last Monday, March 19, the INTE held the 1st Technical Conference on Radon, which attracted the interest among the community of experts and companies workingin the field of radiation protection.

More than 40 attendees had the opportunity to listen to experts such as Dr. Marta García Talavera (Nuclear Safety Council), Dr. Arturo Vargas (Director of Research, INTE), Dr. Claudia Grossi (Laboratory of Research Radón, INTE) and Dr. Victoria Moreno (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Their talks revolved around the legal framework and measurement of radioactive indoor radon gas, with special emphasis on the new European Directive 2013/59/Euratom on Health Protection against Ionizing Radiation, which comes into effect in Spain in 2018.

The presentations of the event can be downloaded using the following links:

  • Regulatory framework for the control of radon exposures (Dra. Talavera, CSN)
  • Radon metrology and dosimetry (Dr. Vargas, INTE)
  • Calibration of equipment: The radon chamber of INTE (Dra. Grossi, INTE)
  • Radon measures in extreme environmental conditions (Dra. Moreno, UAB)

On behalf of the Institute, we want to sincerely thank all attendees, invited speakers and organisers for making this event a great success.