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6th EURADOS Winter School "Status and Future Perspectives of Computational Micro and Nanodosimetry"
6 February 2013

The 6th EURADOS winter school will be dedicated to particular aspects of computational dosimetry that relate to microdosimetry and nanodosimetry. This topic is fundamental for understanding the initiation of radiation damage at the cellular and DNA level in the human body as radiobiological measurements can yield data on the outcomes but not on the mechanisms responsible for the effects. Such computations, however, require cross-section data of atoms and molecules comprising tissue down to very low energies. The development of these computational methods is thus extending the boundaries of what is currently possible.
The lectures will provide an overview of the basic concepts of micro and nanodosimetry; introduce particular challenges encountered when simulating radiation interaction of charged particles with (sub-)micrometer resolution; and show recent highlights in relevant radiation protection and radiation therapy applications.
Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Scientific Committee:
Hans Rabus (PTB, Germany)
Sofia Rollet (AIT, Austria)
Stefano Agosteo (PoliMi, Italy)


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